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Harmful or Healing: What is Kratom?


Health benefits of various products are always being talked about in the field of medicine. Everything from pharmaceutical pills to herbs is being put over for a constant discussion, but not many of them succeed to conquer the hearts of the consumers. While many such products have proven to be effective in the process, some others only exacerbate the issue. All medicines will carry a range of inevitable side effects, but some get tagged for dominant ill effects. On the other hand, some products are often said to be good for health but have addictive effects; one such product is kratom.


Media has been praising the medicinal value of kratom for years now, but no health organization has managed to put in efforts to make legalize the sale of kratom. It is, indeed, one form of bringing the opium addicts back to normalcy. It is also considered to be natural, pleasant, and mild, unlike what others believe it to be. The FDA has stated that consuming kratom would be regarded as serious as taking other opioids. Let us have a look at what kratom is and how effective it is.

Kratom Benefits

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a herb that is indigenous to parts of Southeast Asia, and the scientific name is Mitragyna Speciosa. Farmers and rubber trappers have been traditionally using the leaves of this plant, and it has been going on for centuries now. Many health issues, like body pain, cough, diarrhea, and diabetes, are said to have been impacted by the effect of kratom. Kratom is now available in the holistic health food shops or pharmacies and paraphernalia stores in countries like the US and Europe. You can buy kratom based on your preference of intake; it is available in various formats like capsules, beverages, powder, and tea. People have been considering kratom as one of the best alternatives to the pain killers and such pharmaceutical medicines that come with a whole lot of side effects.

Kratom’s Healing and Harmful Powers

As mentioned earlier, kratom has a lot of health benefits that have made the product popular. But there surely are disadvantages to kratom as well. Like any other opioid product, kratom would also cause psychosis, depression, liver damage, nausea, and seizures. The part of the brain that controls pain is activated when you consume kratom, making it a powerful drug that has the ability to both harm you and heal your ailments. For many such reasons, the sale of kratom has been controlled in countries like Australia, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, and Malaysia. FDA claims that the adverse effects of kratom used as a recreational drug put them in a position to restrict its sale. Since the addiction is increasing, several governments cannot allow the distribution of kratom unless proven as an effective healing drug. Even when all those factors curb the use of kratom, the people who are focused on overcoming their health issue are using it in limited amounts to stay away from addiction. When consumed in minimal quantity, 3-5 grams, users will not get affected by the problem of addiction; instead, they can get rid of the excruciating stresses in life to a great extent.


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