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What Is Kratom?

Kratom is an ancient herbal remedy which will allow you safe healing from chronic pains and inflammation.


Kratom taken in small doses do not pose any risk but can be dangerous if overdosed.


A mere 5 grams or less or kratom powder every day can be proven beneficial.


Once or twice a day, kratom can help benefit your mood and allow you to be at ease.

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Kratom Buying Guide

If you are still unsure of the best ways to buy kratom we have a helpful guide for you.


Kratom Usage Guide

Having the right knowledge about kratom is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right kratom, which can work on your specific needs.


The duration of kratom lasts one to two hours and no more than that to help you relax more.

Kratom if taken in the right doses can be proven to be helpful and safe.

Kratom has been used for centuries as an effective way to help with the pain.

One of the best tips to help make sure that kratom works for you is by taking in low doses.


Kratom, in general, is known to have side effects from digestion problems to nausea, if one is not careful.

Kratom use can be detected on a drug test in higher doses, but small doses do not seem to affect the results.

Kratom Strains

Learn from the best the difference between each kratom strain and the way it works to help ensure that it is working in your body. Finding the right kratom will make all the difference when looking for the best ways to help with pain relief.

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Ten facts about Kratom


Kratom has been on everybody’s mind. It may be new for so many countries, but it has been a part of the cultural sphere of Asia for so many years. There are so many questions that have been rising, and many will simply leave you confused. If you are a beginner, and you simply don’t know about it, you should sit back, and research a little. The crucial questions need to be answered. Over the years, the users of Kratom has increased, and it has led to a positive reaction among the crowd.


Kratom comes from the Kratom tree that is indigenous to various countries in South Asia. It is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. It belongs to the family of the Coffee plants and can grow up to 50 feet. The plant species that grow in the countries differ from each other in quality and composition. It is this composition that produces varying effects on the body. The different strains of Kratom have different effects, and some can be very intense. However, the way your body reacts to it also matters.


Kratom trees are tall and are easy to recognize. The texture of the leaves is different than the other trees and is bigger. You can spot them from a distance. The initial use of the trees was when the local laborers used to chew on the leaves to get through the hard labor. Soon, it was discovered by the local practitioners who used it to treat various ailments.


Kratom has been used by the local practitioners for so many centuries, but the modern debut in the European market is credited to the European explorers who discovered the tree in 1849, and it was given the official recognition in 1859. Though it was known to the people, the use remained confined to the medical fraternity. The golden era was in the 20th century when so many changes were happening in the world, and there was so many researches in the scientific world.



The benefits of Kratom are well known to everyone, but these properties have been attributed to the presence of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids give the features to the tree. There are also other factors that you should take into account. For example, the way your body reacts to Kratom can be different. If you want to use it in a better way, keep one thing in mind that excess of anything is bad.

Opium addiction:

There have been so many people who have raised concerns about addiction and abuse. For you to understand the addiction, you have to know that excess of anything leads to addiction. Furthermore, Kratom is used to treat opium addicts. The dose is given in a limited way, and slowly the addicts lose the opium dependency and come out of their addiction. Kratom is a natural product, and you get it in a natural state. If you get the pure form, you can rest assured that it is the best choice. Since there are no added elements, it has a very less addictive nature.

Skin enhancement:

Pollution is one such thing that can make our skin dull and affect its complexion. We all have skin problems, and Kratom can help with it. It can make the skin lively and radiating. Due to the pollution in the air and the food we consume, our skin becomes less lively, and it becomes hard to maintain a diet. There are so many other things that affect your skin. It can open the pores of your muscle, and help you absorb more oxygen. This can make your skin stronger, and make it more protective against the infections.


Immunity is one such thing that everybody wants to develop, but it is hard to do that. It doesn’t happen in a day. You need discipline. Kratom can help with that. It increases the oxygen absorption of the body that means the blood can carry more oxygen which boosts the immune system. The body can become stronger, and be able to fight external infections. Boosting immunity is a slow, and gradual process.

Pain reduction:

Kratom has been used by local practitioners for many centuries to reduce pain. It is well known for that. It helps the body to remove strain from the muscle and relax it. Our bodies suffer when we are not able to rest it properly, and it is this lack of rest that affects our performance. If your muscle is strained, you will not do better.


When you are injured, there is a lot that happens in the body, and one of those things is the pain receptors receive the pain and release the mechanisms to work. This is where White Blood Cells help you. Kratom can help you in case of an injury and stops the bleeding. Due to the increased number of WBC’s, your body is stronger to protect against the infections. You should also get it checked if there’s a serious problem.

Depression, and mood enhancement:

Problems don’t come knocking, and it is very hard once you fall into depression. The practitioners have been using Kratom to treat depression. In matters of Anxiety, people who have been using Kratom have said that it has helped them in becoming more talkative, and less shy. It also increases the energy levels of the body making it more active which improves your sexual performance. There are other factors also that are responsible for your sexual performance. The effects of Kratom are well known to everyone, it also helps the brain to produce more protein which overall helps you in your day-to-day life.



You have nothing to worry about Kratom, and as long as you keep it under limits, you should be good with it. Furthermore, the purity of the product also matters, so make sure when you buy Kratom, verify the seller, and choose to buy only from those who have a reputation in the market. You are free to use recommendations.

How To Best Incorporate Kratom Into Your Daily Life

Incorporate Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. It was first formally described by the Dutch colonial botanist Pieter Korthals in 1839, who named it Stephegyne speciosa; it was renamed and reclassified several times before George Darby Haviland provided the final name and classification in 1859. Due to its nature, kratom is a controlled substance in 16 countries. In 2014, the FDA banned importing and manufacturing of kratom as a dietary supplement. As of 2018, there is growing international concern about a possible threat to public health from kratom use. In some jurisdictions, its sale and importation have been restricted, and several public health authorities have raised alerts. As of 2018, the efficacy and safety of kratom are unclear and unapproved as a therapeutic agent due to the poor quality of the research. In 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that there is no evidence that kratom is safe or effective for treating any condition. Some people take it for managing chronic pain, for treating opioid withdrawal symptoms, or for recreational purposes. The onset of effects typically begins within five to ten minutes and lasts for two to five hours.

Uses of Kratom 

Uses of Kratom 

As of 2013, kratom has been studied in cells and animals, but no clinical trials have been conducted in the United States. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stated in 2013: “There is no legitimate medical use for kratom”. In April 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that there is no evidence that kratom is safe or effective for treating any condition, and there are no approved clinical uses for kratom. Kratom leaves are usually used by smoking or chewing, as a tea, powdered in capsules or pills, or extracted for use in liquids. In cultures where the plant grows, kratom has been used in traditional medicine. The leaves are eaten to relieve musculoskeletal pain and increase energy, appetite, and sexual desire in ways similar to khat and coca. The extracts from leaves are used to heal wounds and as a local anesthetic. Excerpts and leaves have been used to treat coughs, diarrhea, and intestinal infections. They are also used as intestinal deworming agents in Thailand. Kratom is often used by workers in laborious or monotonous professions to stave off exhaustion as well as a mood enhancer and painkiller. In Thailand, kratom was “used as a snack to receive guests and was part of the ritual worship of ancestors and gods”. The herb is bitter and is generally combined with a sweetener. As of 2018, there have been no formal trials to study the efficacy or safety of kratom to treat opioid addiction. Kratom is not approved for this or any other medical use. Data on how often it is used worldwide lack, as typical drug-screening tests do not detect it. Rates of kratom use appear to be increasing among those who have been self-managing chronic pain with opioids purchased without a prescription and are cycling their use. In 1836, kratom was reported to have been used as an opium substitute in Malaysia. Kratom was also used as an opium substitute in Thailand in the nineteenth century.

Intake of Kratom powder 

The best way to measure your Kratom dosage is to use a scale. A scale that can measure down to one gram is ideal for ensuring you are getting the perfect dose of Kratom powder. Investing in an affordable range comes in handy for more than just Kratom; you can also use it for measuring meat and other food ingredients. If you are a beginner to Kratom, start small, and work your way up. Take between 50 to 100 mg to start. The next day, take 0.5 grams and slowly increase your intake each day as you grow accustomed to the boost to your well-being. Wait at least 30 to 60 minutes after each dose to assess how you feel. The serving for Kratom is 2.4 g. Do not exceed two servings per 24 hours.

Uses of Kratom 

Toss-and-wash is one of the most popular methods among die-hard Kratom users to ingest their Kratom. Measure out your desired dose and toss it into the back of your throat. Chase it with your favorite non-carbonated beverage. Some people like to swish the drink around with the Kratom to mix it, but this is unnecessary. If you are new to toss-and-wash, try breaking your dose into two dosages. For many, this is a quick and easy way to take Kratom powder, but for others, it may be difficult to swallow a lump of dust quickly or to avoid coughing from the powder. If you have experience with kava root, you may already be familiar with this method.

Since this method bypasses the tastebuds in the tongue, it may be preferable for users who dislike the strong herbal taste of Kratom. Washing the powder down with your favorite drink also replaces the bitterness quickly with a pleasant feeling. The powdered Kratom does not always mix well with liquids, so you may have to experiment with mixing Kratom into different drinks to see which works best. One method that seems to work well for most Kratom users is incorporating the powder into a blended smoothie.

Much like protein powder how to use Kratom in Smoothies, Tea, and Other Beverages, Kratom blends well with the ice and fruit in a smoothie. You can use Kratom and protein powder together in a smoothie to help you seize the day. The sweetness of the fruit, combined with almond milk or vanilla soy milk, helps mask the bitterness of the Kratom and creates a refreshing treat. If smoothies aren’t for you, mix Kratom in with a milkshake instead.

Kratom capsules are the best way to use your Kratom powder, and you don’t have to worry about the taste. Additionally, you can take your Kratom capsules with you anywhere, so you can enjoy a boost to your well-being at work, while traveling, or when you are out with friends. They are discreet, and you can take them whenever you need help navigating everyday stresses. For those just starting their Kratom journey and who are unsure how to take Kratom in a way that works best for them, capsules are stress-free and straightforward. You can even make Kratom capsules at home.

Guide to Buying Fresh Kratom

Fresh Kratom

Every object or living being on earth will have a negative and positive side to it; the same is the case with recreational drugs and stimulants. Consuming reasonable amounts of such drugs wouldn’t put you at risk but only help you by boosting your energy. Although most people like to believe the opposite, this is the truth that needs to be sealed and approved by most countries and health organizations.

Kratom is one such product that has gained popularity over the years so much so that it is now being used in many countries for its medical benefits. It can be equally pleasant and dangerous to human bodies if not consumed in reasonable doses. There are many aspects and layers to the description of those green leaves which you need to understand before consuming them. The herb that is native to Southeast Asia has an interesting history to boast of, from being grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia to being named kratom and being accepted worldwide. Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name of kratom which was used initially before the name kratom was fixed in the late 19th century.

Of all things that you should know about kratom, the type that you buy, the dose that suits your body, and the methods of intake are important to be noted and thoroughly checked so that you don’t imbibe its negative effects. Once you have checked all these aspects of kratom, it is the step of buying fresh kratom that needs to be paid attention to. Deciding on the type of kratom you require for your health issue will be followed by the method of intake and dosage, but all of that precedes the steps to shopping the right product from the best place. Let us have a look through the guide to buying fresh kratom.

Finding Good and Safe Kratom

Kratom could act both as a depressant and a stimulant, unlike the other natural leaves that you can use for the same medicinal purposes. With the differing doses, kratom could have different effects on your body from pain relief to euphoria. This makes the task of selecting the right strain for you a strenuous one. Even when you use the same product from the same vendor, the effect could differ each time depending on the amount of kratom present in the product. Quality and safety of kratom will rely on the vendor since everything from sourcing and processing to shipping is handled by them. The first step that you need to take is to find vendors who are authentic in the business and own an actual physical or online shop. Regular updates about the products for sale, responses to reviews, and the duration for which their service has been running are to be checked.

Fresh Kratom

By knowing all these factors, you could possibly land on a real human who is running such a store. Consider all these as signs of a site that is trustworthy and is offering high-quality and safe products. Avoid the sites that have no form of content to make it look trustworthy right away. Check through every site this way and see if it feels disconnected from the customers; no contact details including email address, number, or social media account, can simply be considered as signs to a bad vendor who sells low-quality products. They will not be able to resolve any issues that come up during the shipment process unless you contact them regarding it, and contacting them without any such details would be impossible. That could be an easy way of running away with your money by not delivering any product or even providing you with kratom that could be potentially toxic.

Check through the sites for the products they sell and if you come across any strains other than white, red, yellow, and green strains, make sure to avoid using those sites. Such products might have other leaf varieties or products mixed with them to form this rare strain. If all these aspects seem to be happening in a bit of a shady style, you will have to be quite suspicious about the site’s functioning. Sticking to the white, red, or green Maeng Da would be the better option.


Safe Use of Kratom

All the different forms of kratom products, including powder, pills, chews, capsules, or tea, can be adopted to ingest kratom in your body. No kratom product’s effect will last for more than a day or start taking effect in less than 15 minutes, so this could make it hard to judge the right choice for you. Reasonable amounts of fresh kratom have to be taken to bring in the desired effect and make sure not to take more kratom than required even if you feel that it is not giving you the experience that you were looking for. Regardless of the color or strain of kratom, an upper point is present in all these that you could get severely affected by high doses.


Buying Fresh Kratom

Sign in to a site to check through the products that are available there; protect your account with a password so that no one is able to access it at your absence. Like in any other e-commerce site, add the product you want to buy to the cart and look for the shipping details. Certain regulations might restrict fast shipping, but if you are able to avail of this facility, make sure to opt for quick delivery so that you receive the product soon. Since kratom is banned and heavily regulated in some parts of the world, shipping could take considerable time. If you are ready with the cart and money to purchase the product, go ahead and pay for it. But you must make sure that the product is of high quality. Try to avoid all the sites that have a questionable reputation with bad reviews on social media or news. Keep in mind the fact that you will not be receiving kratom products that remain fresh forever. The powder could get old with time, and its effects could also change, but when buying full leaves, the difference would be noticeable than in the powder you buy. Although the quality might not change within a few weeks, extremely old products (a few months old) could have a different effect than what you desired.

Harmful or Healing: What is Kratom?


Health benefits of various products are always being talked about in the field of medicine. Everything from pharmaceutical pills to herbs is being put over for a constant discussion, but not many of them succeed to conquer the hearts of the consumers. While many such products have proven to be effective in the process, some others only exacerbate the issue. All medicines will carry a range of inevitable side effects, but some get tagged for dominant ill effects. On the other hand, some products are often said to be good for health but have addictive effects; one such product is kratom.


Media has been praising the medicinal value of kratom for years now, but no health organization has managed to put in efforts to make legalize the sale of kratom. It is, indeed, one form of bringing the opium addicts back to normalcy. It is also considered to be natural, pleasant, and mild, unlike what others believe it to be. The FDA has stated that consuming kratom would be regarded as serious as taking other opioids. Let us have a look at what kratom is and how effective it is.

Kratom Benefits

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a herb that is indigenous to parts of Southeast Asia, and the scientific name is Mitragyna Speciosa. Farmers and rubber trappers have been traditionally using the leaves of this plant, and it has been going on for centuries now. Many health issues, like body pain, cough, diarrhea, and diabetes, are said to have been impacted by the effect of kratom. Kratom is now available in the holistic health food shops or pharmacies and paraphernalia stores in countries like the US and Europe. You can buy kratom based on your preference of intake; it is available in various formats like capsules, beverages, powder, and tea. People have been considering kratom as one of the best alternatives to the pain killers and such pharmaceutical medicines that come with a whole lot of side effects.

Kratom’s Healing and Harmful Powers

As mentioned earlier, kratom has a lot of health benefits that have made the product popular. But there surely are disadvantages to kratom as well. Like any other opioid product, kratom would also cause psychosis, depression, liver damage, nausea, and seizures. The part of the brain that controls pain is activated when you consume kratom, making it a powerful drug that has the ability to both harm you and heal your ailments. For many such reasons, the sale of kratom has been controlled in countries like Australia, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, and Malaysia. FDA claims that the adverse effects of kratom used as a recreational drug put them in a position to restrict its sale. Since the addiction is increasing, several governments cannot allow the distribution of kratom unless proven as an effective healing drug. Even when all those factors curb the use of kratom, the people who are focused on overcoming their health issue are using it in limited amounts to stay away from addiction. When consumed in minimal quantity, 3-5 grams, users will not get affected by the problem of addiction; instead, they can get rid of the excruciating stresses in life to a great extent.


What Can You Expect If You Ever Mix Kratom And Alcohol?

Mix Kratom And Alcohol

Most people are aware of mixing medications and drugs or the substance which can induce psychotic symptoms which is a wise idea. This does not prevent kratom users and alcohol drinkers from mixing both of them. There is a lot of reliable research which can be found with the combination of kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa with alcohol. There are many user experiences which offer detailed opinions about the topic of using kratom and alcohol.


User experiences about combining alcohol and kratom

The effects of substance can vary significantly depending from user to user to help other people. People from all walks of life are trying to mix alcohol with doses of kratom, which can lead to some adverse effects. There are many who have found the combination risk and ruined one’s health.


Alcohol and kratom mixed at low doses

Small doses are kratom at low doses can provide for simulation, mood, enhancing effects and very positive experience. There are users who drink alcohol after taking kratom report having a more profound sense of well being, which can help with feeling mild discomfort without any adverse effects.


Alcohol and kratom mixed at moderate doses

People have experienced two outcomes which is an overall positive experience. There are many adverse effects which include nausea, vomiting, lethargy, stomach aches, dizziness. Kratom has many undesirable side effects which if used in excess, can be much more serious.


Alcohol and kratom mixed at higher doses

There are many reviews around combining alcohol and kratom at high doses which are entirely negative. If you combine two similar potent substances in high doses, it is easy to experience the harmful effects. The primary side effects that users have included are headaches, feeling faints, the spins and nausea. These effects are very unpleasant and can also risk overdose.


The dangers of combining alcohol and kratom

Mixing kratom and alcohol can land you in stressful situations which, when combined with higher doses, can land you in emergency rooms. The problem is kratom increases both short term and long term effects when mixed with alcohol. Mixing alcohol with kratom can regularly cause adverse withdrawal effects of alcohol which caused hallucinations, tremors, anxiety, nausea, headaches. These symptoms can last for two or more days, depending on the amount of kratom you consumed.

There are no definitive studies which talk about the effects of combining alcohol and kratom, but the substance is the unsuitable kratom which has contradictory properties. These tests are conducted to help offer a valuable offer, which can help with the potential risks of combining both substances. Alcohol is a depressant which consumed in significant amounts and mixed with kratom can have a sedative impact on your brain, which can be harmful in the long run.

From Plant To Powder: How Kratom Is Produced

Kratom Plant To Powder

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa plant is one of the most talked-about plants for its medicinal benefits. For centuries this plant was used as the treatment to many ailments from addiction to chronic pains. There are many tests being done which talks about the properties of kratom to help one with a certain medical condition. In recent years, we have seen a surge in popularity of kratom as a naturally occurring substance which can be used as a herbal remedy. Deriving kratom powder from the leaves of the SouthEast Asian Tree is not easy as it requires knowledge about the plant.


The roots of kratom

Roots of Kratom

Mitragyna Speciosa is found native to Southeast Asian Countries which includes Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The indigenous people sed to grow kratom for centuries and consumed it to help cure them of any ailments. There are a lot of factors which goes into manufacturing the right kratom powder from maturity to the ideal conditions. A fully grown kratom leave can easily dwarf the hand of an average human. Kratom is evergreen and which means the shed leaves can also regrow quickly, making it easy to produce all year round. Kratom is best when it grows in a warm, humid environment where the sunlight is plentiful as well as the rains.


Post Harvest Production

Once the leaves of the ideal maturity, they are picked and collected in large quantities. The freshness level of the kratom also plays a very crucial role when determining the phytochemical concentrations, which is responsible for the plant’s properties. The strains also play a huge role where the red kratom strains consist of the mature leave, and the white and green kratom can be produced using younger leaves.

To create the powder the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant undergoes a drying phase when leaves are collected depending on the length and specifically dried with the help of the sun. Once the leaves are dried, they are shredded to a fine consistency using an industrial grinder which comes to look the fine powder people consume for their ailments.


Speciality strains and colours

Speciality strains and colours

Kratom is dried in the sun using large-sized racks which relies on the additional production and processing method to help create the speciality of kratom strains which is popular with the buyers.

There is a fermentation process which is the post-harvesting process, necessary for the dark colouration of enhanced alkaloid percentages. There is a lack of information which makes it difficult to vouch for many differentiation in strains. There are red, green, white variants which are the staples but it is easy to find the rarer kratom colours. Yellow and gold kratom strains are some of the most common outliers which have standardised strains and consistency, which farmers have to mix to create the right blends properly.

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